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PCM 2.3 Traffic Monitoring


PCM 2.3 Traffic Monitoring

I have some problems with traffic monitoring.
In our network are HP 2500,2600,2800 and 4100 switches and i cant see any traffic stats in PCM.
I can´t even see the ports at the traffic monitoring tab.
Traffic monitoring is globally enabled.

What is wrong with the configuraton ?

thanks in advance

Ralph Bean_2
Trusted Contributor

Re: PCM 2.3 Traffic Monitoring

Stephan -

The troubleshooting options vary somewhat among PCM versions.

What PCM version are you using? PCM 2.2? PCM 2.3? Any Auto Updates installed?
Frank Wood (Procurve)
Occasional Visitor

Re: PCM 2.3 Traffic Monitoring

Hello Stephan,
I have some questions that might help diagnose the problem.
Are you running a remote client?
How loaded is your system (# devices, # SNMP traps/sec, syslog/sec, etc.)?
When you go to the "Port" tab (not the traffic tab, just the list of ports for a device) do you get all the ports to show up correct?
Back to the traffic tab...do you ever get a list of ports (i.e. click on InterconnectDevices, 2500s, 2600s, the device itself, etc.) or no matter which item you select in the tree no ports?

The Traffic tab basically uses a SQL query into the database to list the current ports for a device and/or a group of devices. Regardless of whether on not traffic data is available, you should at least get the list of ports. This tells me that we have some kind of database or performance problem that is not allowing the client to get the result from the query.

Procurve NetMgmt Core Services Team
Occasional Visitor

Re: PCM 2.3 Traffic Monitoring


I have the same problems. In our network, HP 2500, 2600 (xROM), 2800 and 5300 (sFlow).
This configuration was OK with PCM+ 2.2 but does not work in PCM+ 2.3 : the TLS is ok, but the message "awaiting data" displayed in console.

I've call the hotline : "it's a bug in version 2.3"
"wait a patch probably in feb."

Re: PCM 2.3 Traffic Monitoring

Hello Frank,

thank you very much for your explanation.
PCM was installed on a server where also HP SIM and other networkmonitoring tools are running.
I have now( as recommended) installed PCM on a dedicated server and everything is working fine now !