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PCM 3.10 & Server 2008 X64 issues

Trevor Commulynx
Regular Advisor

PCM 3.10 & Server 2008 X64 issues

Hi Guys,

Just wondering if anyone has seen these issues before.

I have a server 2008 x64 installation with SP1 - This not R2.

the installation works fine and I can manage my switches to a point. I have trakced down the cause being the CLI access to the swithces.

When I test the communications to the switches they all hang and then fail after timeout. I can however right click and SSH to the switches without issue.

The switch logs show that it continuley trys to login with the OPERATOR account which I have tested and checked and checked again so I can only deduce it as being a bug.

The firewall is off and all sFlow and SNMP info is working.

Anyone seen this before?

Trevor Commulynx
Regular Advisor

Re: PCM 3.10 & Server 2008 X64 issues

This is to do with having MOTD set on the switch. I removed this and it worked fine.

This was after 3x firmware upgrades.

Thanks to Shadow13 and Javed for thier help.