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PCM / FW-Switch Preferred Version

Occasional Advisor

PCM / FW-Switch Preferred Version

I have a Problem with PCM2.3
In PCM 2.3 on the Network Management->Tools->Preferences->Configuration Management->Switch Software and then in the Windows Preferred Version

The Problem ist, i can not see the last FW-Version (and i can not see "None" when the checkbox "Prefer the latest version" ist enabled)
The Pulldown-Window from the Version is empty
I stop the services, clear the procurve_firmware.prp, start the services and download the new version. but without success.

Why is that?
Thomas Ley
Javed Padinhakara
Respected Contributor

Re: PCM / FW-Switch Preferred Version

Hi Thomas

Can you let know which particular switch you are selecting on the left, when you notice that the "Preferred Version" panel on the right is not giving required information?

Is it happening for any of the "device types" choose on the left, or only for specific "device types"?

Just checking : Have you tried going to
Network Management->Tools->Preferences->Configuration Management

and within this window, go to the bottom section " Software Update" and click "Download Now" which would refresh the software version list

Occasional Advisor

Re: PCM / FW-Switch Preferred Version

I cant select all "device - type" (5400,1800,2524,.....) but i see always nothing.
The "Donload Now" I have also tried.
will unfortunately not be