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PCM+ - Failure in VT discovery


PCM+ - Failure in VT discovery

I got a alert (major) from both our 5406 at same time quite often (a couple of times / day).
It says: Failure in VT discovery for device:xxxxx. Secondary discovery for device virus throttling information failed. This may effect PCM and NI manager function that rely....

What could this be ? Nothing in 5406 logs.

Best Regards, Magnus
Javed Padinhakara
Respected Contributor

Re: PCM+ - Failure in VT discovery

This alert is sent by the Virus Throttling component in PCM whenever it is not able to connect to the device and fetch the Virus Throttling configuration details. This 'fetch of VT details' happens as part of the regular Discovery cycle in PCM.
The failure indicates that either the credentials configured in PCM for that device were not correct, or the device was not reachable from PCM at that point of time.

Hope that helps.