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PCM - No longer receiving events or traps

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PCM - No longer receiving events or traps



I have just started receiving the above error message from PCM+ 3.1.

I have followed the instruction about switching off AV as a possible cause, but it hasn't resolved the issue.


I have to repair the table but I can´t conect to the DB and I don't remember setting a password for mysql during the install of PCM, how I can reset the Administrator password in PCM DB???


Thanks in advance

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Re: PCM - No longer receiving events or traps



Switching off the AV doesn't fix it. PCM uses MySQL database, and MySQL installation instructions (http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/windows-installation.html) advise thus:


After installing MySQL Server, it is recommended that you disable virus scanning on the main directory (datadir) being used to store your MySQL table data.


There's also a couple of other things so have a peek.


If you have error "... netmgmt\networkevent' is marked as crashed" contact support, it's a snap to fix. If you forgot the PCM password itself, I'm sorry but there's nothing that can be done - only way out is reinstallation.


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Re: PCM - No longer receiving events or traps

Thanks for your reply,


Finally I could fix the problem, I finished the PCM services and started the data base with --skip-grant-tables option in a cmd. This gives all users FULL ACCESS to all tables. Then I could check and repair the table networkevent. Finally I restarted the server and the problem was fixed.