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PCM Policies

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PCM Policies


i have some problems to configure email notification at an event.
i set up an action (email),event (severity greater than informational), any source,any time.
by manual execution of this policy, i get a email,but nothing happens ,when i see when i can notice evnts in the eventlog.

has anybody a idea?
thanks in advance

Sietze Reitsma
Respected Contributor

Re: PCM Policies

Which version of PCM do you use? I assume PCM+ 2.3.

1.create event based alert
2.create action
3.create policy

You can use dialog boxes instead of e-mail for testing and as soon as the policy works change from message dialog to e-mail action

Re: PCM Policies

HI Sietze,

i´m using PCM+ 2.3 with IDM and mobility manager.
i created the policy exactly with this steps you mentioned.
there are events which should trigger my action all the time. i can see them at the eventlog.
even if i set the event filter to " equal informational" my action isn`t triggerd.

i just changed the action from email to message box,but the action works only
i don´t what´s wrong.

Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: PCM Policies


Since manually is working; then

I would restart the PCM+ then if an event happened and that didn't trigger the alert, i will check the history and the logging to see what wrong.

We appreciate your sharing of the information about this case here during your investigation until you resolve this issue.

Good Luck !!!

Science for Everyone

Re: PCM Policies

many thanks for your advice.

i will try it and let you know when and how the problem is solved.


Re: PCM Policies

There is no change in behavior after PCM restart.
The "event based alert" doesn´t trigger the
action,no matter how i set the filter.
Normaly i should get a lot of mails when i
set the filter to severity "equal to informational".
i don´t understand it,because i can see this informational events in the eventlog.

very strange....

Sietze Reitsma
Respected Contributor

Re: PCM Policies

I see strange things as well.

I selected equal to Minor severity in the alert config, but Informational alerts coming in.

I also created an alert based on text field. Contain:

This works fine, so try this first.

If the severity part of the alert config is not working properly then a case at support should be opened. I'm not running the latest auto-update. I see in the releasenotes some fixes.

Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: PCM Policies

You need to install the latest AutoUpdate package to fix this problem.

Re: PCM Policies

thanks a lot !!!
the latest update has solved the problem.

i´m a lucky man :-)

Re: PCM Policies

the latest update has fixed the problem
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: PCM Policies

Glad to hear that helped Stephan. Don't forget to assign points to those that took the time to help.