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PCM+ : Scan error

Occasional Contributor

PCM+ : Scan error

Hi all,

When I try to retrieve my switches conf via PCM+, I got this error message:
CmAlphinity: getSwConfig: Accessing hpSwitchIpTftpMode: SNMP Get Failure: /
com.hp.nis.nm.snmp.NmSnmpException: get error (5) uk.co.westhawk.snmp.stack.AgentException: No such name error index: 1
at com.hp.nis.nm.snmp.WesthawkNmSnmp.getInternal(WesthawkNmSnmp.java:194)
at com.hp.nis.nm.snmp.WesthawkNmSnmp.get(WesthawkNmSnmp.java:167)
at com.hp.nis.nm.snmp.NmSnmp.getLong(NmSnmp.java:230)
at com.hp.nis.cfgmgr.drivers.alphinity.CmAlphinity.getSwConfig(CmAlphinity.java:60)
at com.hp.nis.cfgmgr.ConfigManagerServer.captureConfig(ConfigManagerServer.java:381)
at com.hp.nis.cfgmgr.ConfigManagerServer.access$500(ConfigManagerServer.java:65)
at com.hp.nis.cfgmgr.ConfigManagerServer$SendCliThread.run(ConfigManagerServer.java:898)
at com.hp.jcore.util.ThreadPool$PoolThread.run(ThreadPool.java:745)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:534)

Does anybody experience this kind of problem?

I think it could be a Java bug. My SNMP conf is OK.
Mohamed Hamedi
Respected Contributor

Re: PCM+ : Scan error

Two things to check there, is have you set the correct Telnet password and make sure that the device CLI does not default to the menus.