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PCM Subnet maps not showing ?

Mark Putland
Occasional Advisor

PCM Subnet maps not showing ?

Hi all,

We are running the lattest version of PCM. We have over 1000 devcies and 300 subnets, we are finding that when clicking on various subnets the network map does not display and states that discovery has not run etc, but when you look at the entire network map (not an individual subnet) and search for the particular subnet that is not showing you can see it. If you select a particular subnet and leave it for an hour or so it will eventually show the devices...............we have been dealing with procurve engineers from india and they can't help, we would just do a clean restore but we have so many custom groups it would take us a year to put them all back in........................ahhh
Mark Putland
Occasional Advisor

Re: PCM Subnet maps not showing ?

Sorry anyone using PCM on a large scale i would like to hear your thoughts this is one of many many prolems we have had with this product....


André Beck
Honored Contributor

Re: PCM Subnet maps not showing ?

Hi Mark,

I think I could rant for an hour without stopping about all the shortcomings and nuisances found in the PCM+ network map. Position saving is forgotten through rediscover, position saving cannot be made global (so positioning devices once maps them in all VLAN and subnet maps), discovery of topology is generally fragile and sometimes will never work until you rediscover or even remove devices, VLAN topology is almost always incomplete etc pp. I don't even look at subnet maps as they are related only to managed subnets (those with managed network devices in them), so they are always incomplete in L3 designs with multiple dedicated IP networks on every access layer switch. In the ideal L3 design no access switch shares a management network with another access switch, so the maps become pretty useless.

So I cannot really help you but by sharing your suffering. PCM+ is for trivial campus spanning VLAN designs. In more sophisticated designs, some of its features lose their grip. I usually just use the top level Network Map for the physical topology (spending amounts of time reorganizing it whenever PCM+ ignored my command to "Save node positions").

Then again, I have not seen *ANY* topology discovery and display solution that would really be helpful. CW2k LMS isn't really any better, just a different annoyance.

Sorry for being more counsel than help,