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PCM Traffic Monitoring slowing box to a crawl

Jason Scott
Regular Advisor

PCM Traffic Monitoring slowing box to a crawl

We have found with the latest 1.6 version of PCM and with automated traffic management turned on, our PCM server has slowed to an unusable crawl.

To solve this I've had to delete all traffic devices configured and turn off the automated traffic discovery. This feature is quite valuable and I'd like to use it if possible. When fully configured we had around 40 devices being monitored (only uplinks on those device). Is PCM capable of handling that?

The server is a 2.4GHZ Intel with 1GB ram. I notice the recommended specs are 2GB ram, but this seems excessive and the task manager never shows us maxing our RAM. What we do see is the trafficd.exe process maxing the CPU between 90-97% utilisation.

Preston Gallwas
Valued Contributor

Re: PCM Traffic Monitoring slowing box to a crawl

Hmm. I was using PCM v 1.5 for from August - mid December and we had only slight issues with slowness on a dual 550 w/ 1 gig of ram. Since 1.6 doubled the system requirements, we weren't expecting the best preformance, but it sounds like we're having the same issue you are with regards to the preformance despite the hugely different system specs.

We manage 237 procurve devices, 419 devices total, with 3329 end nodes. I have not turned on more than 10 switches at once in the traffic monitor.