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PCM+ Upgrading BootRom

Preston Gallwas
Valued Contributor

PCM+ Upgrading BootRom

A coworker of mine doesn't believe PCM upgrades the BOOTROM when preforming software updates.

I know otherwise, since when I set our 2600 series to upgrade from 7.5x to 8.53, all the bootroms got upgraded to 8.x

Can someone help me find the documentation that will show him that PCM upgrades the bootrom? thanks!

Preston Gallwas
Valued Contributor

Re: PCM+ Upgrading BootRom

Nevermind, found it on page 243 of the admin guide

9. PCM will check to make sure the current switch configuration meets all
prerequisites for installing the newest software version.
If the pre-requisite software was found on the PCM server but is not
installed on the switch, a pop-up dialogue appears, informing you what
prerequisites (BootROM version and Firmware) must be met before you
can install the newest switch software version, as well as the current
software version on the switch.
Click Yes to select and install the prerequisite software, needed before
you can install the newest switch software version.
Click No if you do not want to update the switch software at this time.
If the software image was not found on the PCM server, a pop-up informs
you what prerequisites (BootROM version and Firmware) are needed,
what the currently installed software version is, and that the pre-requisite
software needs to be acquired from HP.
Click OK to close the dialogue.
If you selected the Set all to latest version option, any pre-requisite software
will be installed and the latest version will be applied to the switches.