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PCM+ & XP & can't download clients

linda rosewood
Occasional Advisor

PCM+ & XP & can't download clients

We're running PCM + under XP with the XP firewall on. We can run the client and the application on the server machine, but we can't connect to port 8040 to download the remote clients. We get server not found.

nmap shows that it is listening on port 8040.

Do we need to open more ports in the firewall?

I have modified the access.txt file to allow access from our subnets.

Manual says you can't run terminal services with PCM. But the terminal services is open so that we can admin the box via remote desktop. I know this sounds dumb, but is this the problem?

Perhaps it is both? We need to open more ports and we need to use a KVM to admin the box?

Linda Rosewood
UC Santa Cruz
Kell van Daal
Respected Contributor

Re: PCM+ & XP & can't download clients

access.txt isn't used for downloading the client. If you see port 8040 open, you should be able to download it.
One thing that could cause a problem is if you have a proxy server defined in your internet browser.
If you do, try disabling it and then try opening the the page. Maybe even on ip adress instead of DNS/Netbios name to outrule DNS/WINS settings and the likes.

Hope this helps.
linda rosewood
Occasional Advisor

Re: PCM+ & XP & can't download clients

I found responses to an earlier question I had about which ports to open in the XP firewall, the minimal answer is ports 161 and 162.

But I still can't download the client even with the firewall off.

We have also turned off terminal services and rebooted.

when I try to connect to this box at port 8040, I get the usual "server not found" error from Internet Explorer. I got the same error from other computers, just to make sure it wasn't something stupid.

So here's what I did: I downloaded the client from my macintosh, which worked fine! I transfered the install.exe to the windows box and all was well.
Shiraz Malik

Re: PCM+ & XP & can't download clients

Do the following and let me know the results:
1. try to ping the server from client
2. any anti-virus / firewall on client ?
3. which OS clients have ?
4. please check the proxy setting for the internet explorer on clients

if the clients have xp with sp2, try disabling the firewall.

Les Ligetfalvy
Esteemed Contributor

Re: PCM+ & XP & can't download clients

As Kell mentioned, I think the issue may have to do with DNS name resolution. Perhaps the suffix is missing.

With regard to terminal services, it is not a factor. Not only do I have PCM installed on an XP with RDP enabled, but I even have the PCM client installed on my Citrix box for NFuse access.
linda rosewood
Occasional Advisor

Re: PCM+ & XP & can't download clients

Thanks to everyone who has tried to answer this question. I finally got ahold of Procurve phone support and learned that there is no answer. HP doesn't even tell you which ports it needs because you can't run PCM with a firewall between it and its switches and other devices. The entire product is setup for enterprise use where you have a corporate firewall and all the secured devices and network gear is on the inside.

I was told, and I'm not sure this is true, but HP simply hasn't built PCM for use in an environment where the switches are in the wild out among the bad guys. And that this product runs on windows. sheesh.

Also, and by the way, despite the less-than-clear documentation, while PCM client can be run under XP, don't run the server on XP. You must run it on a windows server platform.

so thanks for all the help, and we'll have to go look at open source or other products now. Which is a bummer b ecause PCM would be perfect to manage our hundreds of HP switches.

Linda Rosewood
UC Santa Cruz