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Re: PCM+ issue

Occasional Contributor

PCM+ issue

In the PCM+ I found that sometimes some switches are showing red but at the same time i can ping to all the switches which are showing red.Please find the attached diagram.
Appreciate your help for the same.
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Re: PCM+ issue

PCM uses SNMP to Poll the devices. Check the communications parameters in PCM of those switches to ensure that SNMP v2 or v3 is able to access them.

Also, what version are you running of PCM and what version and model of switch/firmware are you running. there was a bug with SNMP a little while back that produced this exact sympton when SNMP was confnigured correctly.
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Re: PCM+ issue

Some ways to troubleshoot:

1) You can test the communication parameters by right click on device ( or selecting multiple ones from Device List tab) and using Device Manager>Test Communication Parameters. This would give an idea if incorrect credentials are in play here.

2) Check in Event browser for any events listed with "Device unreachable" message. That can throw some light on the timing when it happened

3) Attempt a Re-Discovery ( assuming (1) gave positive results) of the "Red" devices and check the results.