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PCM update wizard problem

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PCM update wizard problem

I have encountered some problems:
1.when i configued the "globel:configuration management",and clicked the "download now" button.
After i downloaded the update version list (i made sure i had downloaded),but in the "configuration management switch software" ,it did not show any preferred vision from the list. Can someone help me with this problem?

When I configured under the "software update wizard--scaning for the devices current state",the devices activity status showing the following messages:
Starting scan...
Unable to load software properties file: read error < >
Refresh complete.
Can anyone help me with this, see what i configured wrong?
I have attached the screenshot about the problem.
Ralph Bean_2
Trusted Contributor

Re: PCM update wizard problem

I suggest you verify that this file exists:

Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\PNM\server\data\download\procurve_firmware.prp

and that you can open it and read it. It is an ASCII file. Even though it may not make a lot of sense to you, you should be able to read it.

What OS are you running?
Ralph Bean_2
Trusted Contributor

Re: PCM update wizard problem

At first, I did not notice the original poster's attachment.

It appears that this is not English Windows running.

PCM is not supported on non-English Windows.

The list of Windows versions supported is on the data sheet at: