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Re: PCM upgrade of 5406

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PCM upgrade of 5406


I recently tried to upgrade a 5406 to K.14.41 via PCM. Now, the first night it went to K.13.63, and I thought it had to do the upgrade in two steps due to ROM upgrade or something. I also double checked that it was in fact 14.41 PCM was trying to push.
The second night the result was the same. I even uploaded K.14.41 to the flash in advance (don't think this matters though).
Any suggestions here? I really would like to stay in bed when this takes place, thus have PCM deal with it.. :o)

Now, the web clearly states that

K.13.49 or newer (confirm boot ROM K.12.14 or newer using ‘show flash’)
K.14 (any version) Update directly into software version K.14.41

s1> sho flash
Image Size(Bytes) Date Version
----- ---------- -------- -------
Primary Image : 7559045 05/06/09 K.13.63
Secondary Image : 6782942 12/07/07 K.12.57
Boot Rom Version: K.12.17
Default Boot : Primary
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Re: PCM upgrade of 5406


"Software updates via PCM require that the procurve_firmware.prp file be
updated appropriately. This file acts as the source of information about the
software image available for upgrade and is updated in PCM automatic
updates for non-premium devices.

To add entry for manually imported image to PRP file:

1. Download the software image file from the manufacturer's web site, and
place it in the \server\data\download directory. The default path is C:\Program
2. Navigate to the Software Image Import preferences window:
a. Click the Tools menu.
b. Select Preferences from the Tools drop-down list.
c. Click the + sign at the left of Configuration Management in the Preferences

Managing Device Configurations
Updating Switch Software
d. Select Software Image Import.
3. Select the device type you want to add from the Select Device Type list, and
click Add.
4. In the Add Software Image Import window, type the Software Version and
Software Image File Name that you downloaded and placed in the
\server\data\download directory.
5. Click OK to add the device type information to the PRP file. This software
information is also added to the Software Image Import preferences

Try this and see if it works.

Islam Hassan
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Re: PCM upgrade of 5406

The files were not present in the \download folder. However - I have never seen this behaviour before.
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Re: PCM upgrade of 5406

Yes the file will not be in the \download folder, this is optional if you want to put the file manually, try to download the required software (which is k14 as you mentioned) and put it download folder and do as the steps and see.

BTW i have found these infromation in the PCM ADMIN manual you can check it youself.

And also this is optional just to solve your issue if you want to use it.

Islam Hassan
Mohammed Faiz
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Re: PCM upgrade of 5406


When you say "I even uploaded K.14.41 to the flash in advance (don't think this matters though)."
Do you mean you did that manually on the switch? If so, you should see the K14 code listed with the "show flash" command (then you can try scheduling the reboot for the morning using "reload at").
I've only had this problem once before with PCM not updating a switch (it was a 2900) and that was down to the switch somehow ending up with it's default boot set to the secondary image.
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Re: PCM upgrade of 5406

Finally it went through - not quite as planned, though. I put the .swi file in the \download folder. I also applied the 12th patch to the server. Now, the server didn't like that very much because it wasn't able to connect to the license DB. So the upgrade planned for 4 AM last night didn't go through.

After clearing some sessions that was hanging on my firewall everything went back to normal. Thus, the upgrade planned for 4AM ALSO suddenly went through, resulting in downtime for my customers..

How about a check in the schedule that takes into account that the time for the upgrade in fact has passed? :o)