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PCM2+ and 1800-24G

Tony Barrett_2
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PCM2+ and 1800-24G

My PCM2.21+ install is integrated with NNM7.01. Therefore, for discovery purposes, PCM uses the NNM database, and this seems to work ok with the exception of any 1800-24G switches.

NNM sees and manages them ok, but PCM doesn't (won't?) discover or show any 1800-24G switches. I know the 1800-24G has limited SNMP support (read-only), so I don't know if this is the problem, but if I try and perform a manual discovery, the discovery fails when PCM decides it can't verify the SNMP write community and therefore won't allow the device to be added.

I'm sure PCM supports the 1800 range. Anyone have any ideas?

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Re: PCM2+ and 1800-24G

Try setting write community Name is PCM Preferences->Device Access->SNMP to "public" and then do a manual discovery OR click on "Mime NNM Database" toolBar button in PCM. Let me know if it works.