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PPPoE acorss VLAN


PPPoE acorss VLAN


I seem to have trouble getting PPPoE working across my VLANs.

I have a Cisco 3560 in one end, and a HP 2626m in the other.

The PPP server is connected to a static access port VLAN 10 on the Cisco, and the Clients is connected to static access ports VLAN 10 on the HP.

Everything else works, arp ip etc.

Any ideas?
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: PPPoE acorss VLAN


Cisco + Vlans = OK

All other Vendors + Vlans = OK

Cisco + another Vendor + Vlans = Troubles.

If Cisco to the PPP server is OK.
ProCurve to Vlan 10 clients are ok

Then: check the port config. linking Cisco to ProCurve and on both Sides.

If no other than Vlan10 required on this link then:

From ProCurve side : Untag to Vlan 10
from Cisco side: switch port access vlan 10

You may also Tag Vlan10 on both Sides using 802.1q

Good Luck !!!
Science for Everyone

Re: PPPoE acorss VLAN

Thank you.

I haven`t tried Client -> Cisco -> PPP server
All clients for PPP is on the HP.

I was beginning to believe that PPPoE does not work over VLAN, as everything else works just fine. Any ideas on this?