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PXE-E53 "No boot filename received

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PXE-E53 "No boot filename received

All, Im using a procurve 2848 switch which I'm using as a routing switch and have created 6 VLANS on it, I use a RIS server which is on a different segment to the clients, the DHCP is on the same segment as the RIS/PXE server. I have set up the iphelper address on every VLAN and DHCP relay is on on the switch, which is working as all clients on all VLAN segments receive the correct ip address from their scope. I still receive the PXE-E53 when i attempt to reach the PXE server from a client thats not on the VLAN that has the PXE/DHCP servers ... has anyone had a problem with this scenario.. Thanks for your help
Matt Hobbs
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Re: PXE-E53 "No boot filename received

I had a similar problem which I was able to resolve by using the 'ip proxy-arp' command on the switches. I've also seen instances where extra DHCP scope options were required:

66 - (RIS Server address)
67 - 'OSChooser\i386\startrom.com'