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Pass OSPF Routing tables Through?

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Pass OSPF Routing tables Through?

Hi,  I just came across some 4104 switches on a project I'm working on.  This is primarily a Cisco network, but this particular site's core is the 4104's.  The HP switch core sits between 2 cisco devices running OSPF in different areas.  They both have connections back to the main core of the network.  The initial design was apparently meant for failover, but it isn't functioning.


The trouble is that failover was simply configured with OSPF cost.  The configuration is fine in theory if the routers are sharing tables, but the HP switches aren't letting my Cisco routers talk nicely.  Can cisco tables be passed through?  Any other idea's?  IP routing is currently disabled on the 4104's.  They just have a default gateway pointing out the primary route.  Thanks in advance for any help.



Oleg Sukharev
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Re: Pass OSPF Routing tables Through?

Hi JJc5


Can routers ping each other via that 4104?

You can also try pinging It's a mulicast IP used by OSPF.


Routers to become OSPF adjacent must  have same settings on interfaces looking at each other for:

OSPF area and area type, subnet and subnet mask, OSPF Hello and dead timer values, MTU, authentication...