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Pass it along: Don't tax Our Access!

mitch arnowitz
Occasional Visitor

Pass it along: Don't tax Our Access!


As you probably know, the Internet Tax Moratorium expires shortly. The Moratorium is an effort to permanently ban the taxing of
DSL, Cable Modem, or Dial-up Access. This issue touches, of course, all of us that use the Internet. Can you pass the following along and thanks! Mitch Arnowitz

More info:

The U.S. Senate may shortly pull an expensive trick on anyone who uses the Internet to send a message, pay a bill or make an on-line purchase.

Take ACTION now to prevent state and local governments from taxing your Internet access!

We all depend on the Internet for communication. The Senate is ready to pass legislation that would *permanently* prevent state and local governments from taxing your Internet access! This is a good thing :) Your help is needed to keep a moratorium in place that expires shortly. If the ban ends, state and local governments will be able to tax you for access.

The Internet Tax Non-Discrimination Act (S.150), ensures that states may not tax consumers for access to the Internet. This bill also (permanently) extends the existing moratorium against multiple taxes on e-commerce.

The Internet provides all of us with an important tool and is crucial for the health of our economy. Currently, half of all Americans have access to the Internet â let's ensure that access to the Information Highway can be expanded to all Americans.

As many as 140 million Americans could have a new tax to pay if the Internet Tax Moratorium expires shortly. Tell the Senate to Pass the Internet Tax Moratorium. Take ACTION now!

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