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Password Protection on Compaq SW3322

Gareth Llewellyn
Occasional Visitor

Password Protection on Compaq SW3322

Hi, I am wondering if anyone can help me with this. I have recently bought a couple of secondhand Compaq SW3322 Managed Switches and the previous owner has obviously changed the password for the Read/Write from public to something else. Is there anyway of Hard Resetting the switch to factory defaults? Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: Password Protection on Compaq SW3322

I was suprised finding the following quoted from the sw3322 user manual "If you forget your password, contact Compaq Customer Support."

See page 4-2:

J Schneider
Occasional Visitor

Re: Password Protection on Compaq SW3322

I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that if you lose the password, it cannot be recovered and you have to change the internal board (sorry, can't cite the source). The SW3322, 3323, and 3324 are well past end of life, and I have found little expertise at Compaq on these switches.

They were made by Cabletron/Enterasys, and are equivalent to their ELS100-24TX, ELS100-24TXM and ELS100-24TXG. You can download a firmware update from Enteasys, search for TK0490-9 (but you have to be logged on to the switch to download it).

Enterasys quoted me $400 for out of warranty repair.
J Schneider_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: Password Protection on Compaq SW3322

I've found a procedure to clear the password on a SW3322, SW3323, and SW3324.

1. You have to have firmware 2.00.07 or higher. If you don't, see enterasys.com support for firware for the ELS100-24.

2. Telnet to the switch.

3. Reset the switch and hit enter any time to set the baud rate of the local management connection.

4. Once topology discovery is complete, hit the CTRL and P keys three times.

5. You'll see >>>>>>System Port Loopback Test.......--> Pass.

6. Then you'll see "Are you sure (y/n)" show up on the screen. Hit Y for yes.

7. The unit will continue to boot up and clear the password.

Marty Yinzer
Occasional Visitor

Re: Password Protection on Compaq SW3322

Hmmm... How do you reset the switch if you can't log in with write privlidges? Please, if someone can let me know what I'm missing!

Honored Contributor

Re: Password Protection on Compaq SW3322

You would need to call HP Support and provide the MAC Address of each switch that you need the password for.