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Performance between switches

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Performance between switches

Hi All,


I have some issues with file access to a server, I've pretty much ruled out our SAN (IOPS are fine) and the server so I'm moving up to the network layer and was wondering if there was a way to test traffic between switches.


We have three switches between the server and the client, the client and the server are on different IP ranges and different vlans but I was hoping for some kind of tool to verify whether there is any network latency etc.


Hopefully this makes sense?




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Re: Performance between switches

The first tool to use is ping. Do a ping over an extended period of time from a host on the client VLAN to the server. You should (on the whole) see the ping reponse coming back in 1 ms for every ping identically. If you see any variation in the reponse time, then you can use ping to find out more: ping the server from within the Server VLAN. Ping from the client VLAN to a different host on the Server VLAN. Ping the client from a host in each VLAN. See any pattern?


Then you use traceroute - is it using the route you would expect it to?


The next step is to check the 3 switches:

 - check switch logs - any strange events occurring?

 - check the interfaces the traffic is using - what speed are they all running at?

 - check the port stats for the interfaces the traffic is using - any errors? If you monitor, what is the utilisation?


Assuming nothing obvious comees out of the above, you can use robocopy to test the speed of a file download - test from a host within the same VLAN as the server, test from the client VLAN.