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Policy Routing on Procurve Switches ???

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Occasional Contributor

Policy Routing on Procurve Switches ???


One feature I have often needed on the HP Procurve line of L3 switches is policy routing - where I can create route-maps to influence where traffic exits on an L3 device.

Perhaps it's available on Procurve without my knowledge.

Does anyone know if this feature is available on any of the Procurve line of L3 switches? If not, what is HP's plan in terms of introducing it.

Thanks. Felix
Natasha Samoylenko
Trusted Contributor

Re: Policy Routing on Procurve Switches ???

Early availability software version K.15.01.0031 for HP ProCurve 3500, 5400, 8200 switches introduce route-map feature.
I did not see this feature before.
HP says:
"We anticipate general availability of this software in the second half of 2010"


I did not tested this and don't know if route-map will allow to do the same thing as in Cisco.
But documentation for this version also available and you can test it.