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Port Utilization 5412zl (13.79) and 2910al (14.40)

Andreas Bärwald
Occasional Contributor

Port Utilization 5412zl (13.79) and 2910al (14.40)


we have the problem that somethimes the Port Utilization of some ports growing up to over 90% for a timeperiod of 30-60 minutes. After them the rate falls up to 1 % . At the ports are connected APS USV Devices. The ports are configured to Auto in Speed and Duplexmode. The negotiation is 10HDx !

During the period of high port utilization at some networks no traffic is possible. PXE Boot from a client to the Imageserver failes.

Thank for help !

Esteemed Contributor

Re: Port Utilization 5412zl (13.79) and 2910al (14.40)

Hello Andreas,

if you have a link with 10 Half Duplex you will have ethernet collisions and might get other errors, causing problems. Try to fix the speed duplex issues. Maybe you need to set it to a fix value (i.e. 100FD). If you still encounter problems, you should try to identify the originator of the traffic. Install PCM and check top talker on the network. Your switches support sFlow, so you can see which IP address and layer 4 ports are generating the most traffic in your network.


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