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Port mirroring 2650-PWR

Larry Dunworth
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Port mirroring 2650-PWR


I'm mirroring ports on a 2650-PWR to record VoIP phone conversations. The problem I'm having is that only the egress traffic is mirrored. I've been able to work around the problem by mirroring both the phone port and the phone switch port but the Procurve documentation indicates that ingress and egress traffic should be captured. All ports are on the same ASIC.

Thanks for your help.
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: Port mirroring 2650-PWR


All 2600 Series models will support inbound (ingress) and outbound (egress) port monitoring with Version H.08.xx software; however, the 2650 and 2650-PWR require that the â mirror portâ be within the same grouping as the monitored ports.
On the 2650/2650-PWR switches, ports are grouped as follows: 1-24 + 49, and 25-48 + 50. These groupings represent the connections of ports to NetSwitch ASICs within the models.

Check the following on page 26:

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