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Primary-vlan - default-vlan 1 ?


Primary-vlan - default-vlan 1 ?

How could I remove primary-vlan? what should I use it for?
I don´t want to have vlan 1.


Re: Primary-vlan - default-vlan 1 ?

Should I only "untag" all ports for default-vlan?
Is it a "good" idea to have management-vlan as primary-vlan ?

Regards, Magnus
Valued Contributor

Re: Primary-vlan - default-vlan 1 ?

Hej Magnus!

The "primary vlan", the default VLAN and the management vlan is all different things.

By, as you say, removing all ports from VLAN 1 then it not used, even if you can never delete it.

The "primary vlan" could be changed (from vlan 1), but you can still not delete VLAN1. The primary vlan is not really used much, but for example if the switch is a dhcp client it will send DHCP packets through the VLAN marked as primary. Generaly I think you can safely ignore it.

>Is it a "good" idea to have management-vlan
>as primary-vlan ?

Do you mean if you should use VLAN 1 as management-vlan? Some people thinks it is easier using VLAN 1 as management vlan, if for example you attach a new unconfigured switch somewhere on the edge it will be easy to reach it if vlan 1 is default untagged on all ports, including the port on its uplink partner.

One problem I see with using VLAN 1 as management-vlan is that it will be higher risk for edge ports attached to this vlan by mistake, that is someone forgets to move some user ports to other VLANs and they will then be inside your management vlan. That configuration mistake is harder to make if you use some other VLAN-id of course.