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Pro 2524 edge ports

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B Vance
Occasional Contributor

Pro 2524 edge ports

on my 2524's when I look at the span config it shows all the ports are edge ports including the stk ports. Should the stk ports be edge ports?

Thanks, B.
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: Pro 2524 edge ports

As soon as an edge port receives a BPDU, it will change the operational status to no-edge - so usually it's not much of an issue leaving it at the defaults but you may see periods of brief flooding if one of these links were to go online/offline.

Since you have noticed though, the best practice is to disable the edge-port status for your switch-to-switch links.

2524(config)#no spanning-tree 25-26 edge-port
B Vance
Occasional Contributor

Re: Pro 2524 edge ports

Thanks Matt,

I forgot about BPDU, I may just keep an eye on it and see when it changes on its own.

Thanks again for your timely reply.