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Pro-curve 1410-8G - No link

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Pro-curve 1410-8G - No link



   I have the  Pro-curve 1410-8G, J9559A but it's not working.

   After turned on, the power led looks Ok(green), we connect the cables but any led's link have turned on.

   I already connect computers and hubs, no matter what no link appears, like when it's disconnected.

   What should I missing?




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Re: Pro-curve 1410-8G - No link

Just making a correction:

when we connect the cable the leds DOESN'T have turned on.

The computer shows unpluged...


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Re: Pro-curve 1410-8G - No link

If you also have tested another cable and/or made sure the cable you use is good there is nothing much more to check. The Link/Act led is either "off" (no link),  "on" (link) or  "flashing" (activity) and the Speed led "off" (10/100 Mbps) or "on" (1000Mbps).


I just checked one of mine and the Link led is flashing and the Speed led is off and that is correct since it's conneted to a 10/100 NIC.


When you un- and re-plug the power, do all LEDs light up as they should or only the power led?