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ProCurve 1800-24G VLANs isolation problem

Theodore Trubetskoy
Occasional Visitor

ProCurve 1800-24G VLANs isolation problem


Traffic from VLAN 6 is seen on VLAN 1 untagged, though VLAN 6 and VLAN 1 are totally isolated from each other.

Configuration is as following:

VLAN 6: member ports: 1,2
VLAN 1: member ports: 3-24

All ports VLAN aware: enabled
All ports packet type: All
No trunks.

ports 1,2 PVID 6
ports 3-24 PVID 1

Multicast and broadcast traffic from port 2 appears on port 24, which is connected to upstream switch.

Has anybody seen this problem? Does port 2 has special management role in the switch?

In "Get VLAN&MAC Information" support file I read the following lines:

MAC-Address VLAN-Id Type Ports
01-80-c2-00-00-0c 1 Static 2
01-80-c2-00-00-0d 1 Static 2
01-80-c2-00-00-0e 1 Static, Management 2

What could it mean?

ProCurve 1800-24G, S/W Version: PB.02.07, CVS Tag: HP_PROCURVE_REL_2_7

Thank you,
Theodore Trubetskoy
Occasional Visitor

Re: ProCurve 1800-24G VLANs isolation problem

Disregard the above post. I found I made mistake in switch configuration.