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ProCurve 2510G-24 Won't boot anymore

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ProCurve 2510G-24 Won't boot anymore



the HP procurve switch 2510G-24 was connected via console cable with putty. Suddenly the switch started making noises & and all LEDS switched between on and off (fan speeds up and down) Immediatly i've checked putty and just this Information:


OS identifier found at @ 0xbc020000
Verifying Image validit
ROM information:
   Build directory: /sw/rom/build/basrom(bh2)
   Build date:      Mar 10 2008
   Build time:      13:37:57
   Build version:   N.10.02
   Build number:    15020

It repeats the whole time no command is accepted and the reset button is useless.

I'm open for every kind of suggestions

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Re: ProCurve 2510G-24 Won't boot anymore

Customer Support told me that the device will be changed because it's a new one 2 day's old.