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ProCurve 2510G crashes my Network

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ProCurve 2510G crashes my Network

Hello I seem to be having a problem integrating this switch into my network of switches.

Currently I have 2 stacks of switches

3 - 24 Port Dlinks for my VOIP

3 - 24 Port Belkins for my LAN

All 6 switches plug into a "core " Belkin which also has my servers pluggeg into them.

Everything works well. The intention was to implement the HP2510 as the core and remove the existing Belkin Core.

Here is the issue.

As shipped the HP was plugged into the Belkin and it locked up both networks. We unplugged the HP but had to power down all switches, they had locked up.

We then connected a PC to the HP and gave it a static IP. We also moved the 3 VOIP backbones onto the HP switch. The Activity LEDS flickered then went solid green and once again the VOIP switches locked up , but also , the single user locked up.

Wew tried a different number of setups with the STP , tagging , untagging, and the problem persists. The activity Led goes green anytime you plug in a switch.

We also upgraded the firmware to the latest.16 version.

There are no VLAN's and our network is pretty uncomplicated. What could be causing the switch to lock up both stacks, itself, a lone user, a lone switch. It is really unexpected considering I can plug in any other switch into the stacks and e3veryhting works smoothly.

Thanks for any help
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Re: ProCurve 2510G crashes my Network

Another peculiar event happened.

We decided to take one of the Dlinks with 24 ports of VOIP connections and plugged it into the Procurve, which froze the Procurve ( light went solid green ).

When we disconnected the Dlink from the HP unit and plugged it back into it original status, the whole network froze and locked up. All Led's looked normal but we had to shut everything down and reboot all switches.

At this time we can only guess that the HP is putting these switches into some sort of broadcast loop which can only be stopped by shutting them down.

I have never seen a switch, let alone one port bring down a complete network so fast, literally, 1 second.

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Re: ProCurve 2510G crashes my Network

Please open a case with the support team