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ProCurve 2626 random reboots in initialising phase

Enrique Velacommaz
Occasional Visitor

ProCurve 2626 random reboots in initialising phase

Hi folks,

this switch was recently flashed on secondary flash with H 8.98 and afterwards started to randomly reboot during the initilising phase when the port leds start to light up and extinguish in sequence, it can happen before any led flash or at #4, etc. Primary flash still contains H.8.68 soft code. I was wondering if there is any way to flash the rom monitor code (still at H.8.02 from original shipment) to see if it ceases to reboot randomly. Please note that when it does boot, it operates perfectly just as before without any errors which is why I find this error so weird.

If anyone has any clue on this issue or on how one performs a rom update and where one can find the necessary files, anything will be appreciate to avoid sending the switch for warranty.

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Re: ProCurve 2626 random reboots in initialising phase

Hello Enrique,

From memory (so I could be wrong) I believe that firmware H.08.74 contained a ROM Patcher up to H.08.07. Seeing you flashed the secondary flash to .98, this may account for the instability.

May I recommend to flash the primary area to .98? Observe if the ROM patcher kicks in or not.

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Re: ProCurve 2626 random reboots in initialising phase


I recently have had impulsive reboot issues with 2626. Seems that they don't last long. For no apparent reason they just reboot; several times per week. I have hundreds of HP switches - arguably the 2626 being the least stable. I know of at least 5 units displaying the same issue, all running late or latest software.

Also it seems that when I do a factory restore on the switch, it works again (at least for some time).
Enrique Velacommaz
Occasional Visitor

Re: ProCurve 2626 random reboots in initialising phase

Many thanks to both of you for your support with my issue. I have tried to flash back the switch with firmwares 8.72 and 8.76 as 8.74 is not available on hp's ftp and then back with 8.98 without success (rom code stayed to 8.02 and switch was still exhibiting the problem). when trying to make it boot I have done the factory reset procedure several times with no help. I have decided ultimatly to send it back for replacement as the outage lasted for over week and a half now. This switch is redundant with another one but staying on a one leg scenario is not safe for a long time. Again, thank you for your inputs.