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ProCurve 2650 Mac address

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ProCurve 2650 Mac address

I installed a ProCurve 2650 switch in my network with two VLANs. The firewall to the internet displays two mac addresses for the switch's VLAN interface:00:0a:57:4f:4a:1e & 00:0a:57:4f:4a:00. But from another PC on the same VLAN by command "arp -a", i got only the Mac address 00:0a:57:4f:4a:00. I also checked the other VLAN's MAC address is 00:0A:57:4F:4A:01. Then where does the mac address "00:0a:57:4f:4a:1e" come from? And how can i list all mac address available on the 2650 switch? Does each VLAN interface on the switch have only one mac address?

Re: ProCurve 2650 Mac address

The 2600 series by default, enumerate VLAN Mac-Addresses in the order they are created.

VLAN 1 (The default VLAN) Has the base Mac of the switch :00.

The next VLAN created will be assigned :01 and the next VLAN :02 and so on.

It really is the order in which the VLANs are instantiated on the switch that determines the Mac address assigned.

For example:
vlan 3
vlan 2

Will assign :01 to vlan 3 and :02 to vlan 2.
But if you then rebooted the switch, you'd find vlan 2 had been assigned :01 and vlan 3 had been assigned :02.

Because the switch would instantiates the VLANs in Ascending order on startup.


Just to confuse things a bit more, if you set max-vlans to a value greater than 32. The switch assigns all Mac-Addresses the Base-Mac of the switch.

Firmware Branch Max VLANs Incrementing?
F 30 Yes
H 253 Mixed Yes if max-vlans <= 32, No if max-vlans > 32
Q 64 No
R 256 No
E 256 No
K 2048 No