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ProCurve 2650 port monitoring

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ProCurve 2650 port monitoring


I have a problem with port monitoring on ProCurve 2650. First I have configured mirror-port 47 and bound port 38 on it and it worked as expected. On port 47 I was able to see the trafic from port 38. Then I wanted to change that, I removed port 38 from monitoring and added port 32. The behaviour was not as expected, but worked as well, since I could see the traffic from both ports (port 38 and 32). Then I removed port 32 and added port 22 as the monitored one. Now I still could see the traffic from ports 38 and 32, but not from 22. What is happening??? It doesn't matter which interface I use to make this changes (I tried to use menu, CLI and web interface). And it does not help if I remove mirror-port or do anything else, not he ports 38 and 32 are allways monitored from 47 as soon as I turn monitoring on and it doesn't matter for which port I want to configure it.
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: ProCurve 2650 port monitoring

I am fairly certain there is an ASIC limitation on the 2650 whereas ports 1-24 cannot be mirrored to the other 24 ports. I think this is mentioned in the manual or the firmware release notes.

For the other issue you describe of still seeing traffic even after you removed the monitoring on that port, that's something I haven't come across before. Does it correct itself after a switch reboot? Are you running the latest firmware?