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ProCurve 2800 series - power redundant solutions

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ProCurve 2800 series - power redundant solutions

Is there anything else beside the J8168A to ensure the power redundancy for these types of switches? Is there a manual for this unit about how does it work? If anybody has any experience or advice, they will be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: ProCurve 2800 series - power redundant solutions

Hi James,

Nope not from ProCurve. Manuals are limited but downloadable on


Experience sorry non, It's just plugged in and we never had a need for it to kick in. (But it has been tested so we know it works)


Allan Bowman
Respected Contributor

Re: ProCurve 2800 series - power redundant solutions

Since the redundant power is not standard AC, it would require a custom made power supply and cable to supply the required 12 VDC. It would probably make more sense to just use the HP product. Keep in mind that even though there are multiple ports to provide power to multiple switches, this unit will only power a single switch at a time (the lowest port number that needs it). Also, the switch's AC power must be working when powered up - if the AC fails and the redundant supply takes over, the switch cannot be turned off until the AC returns (it can be powered off, but it won't come back up).

Terry Kirk

Re: ProCurve 2800 series - power redundant solutions


We have two 2848s with one J8168A providing backup power. One of the 2848s lost its main power supply and things kept working.

The only problem is that the only indication that the power supply was blown was a flashing fault light on the 2848. No events were logged (I was trying to figure this out remotely). This may have been fixed in more recent versions of the firmware (this happened last year). I guess it does make sense, if you lose main power, the unit will normally be off so there's no sense in having code to write to the event log.