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ProCurve 2810

Lee H
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ProCurve 2810

I am seeing a lot of these in the log.

W 12/07/10 04:32:43 FFI: port 9-Excessive CRC/alignment errors. See help.
W 12/07/10 04:34:39 FFI: port 9-Excessive CRC/alignment errors. See help.
W 12/07/10 04:38:41 FFI: port 9-Excessive CRC/alignment errors. See help.

However when I look at the port I do not see them?

Status and Counters - Port Counters for port 9

Name :
Link Status : Up
Totals (Since boot or last clear) :
Bytes Rx : 7,106,768 Bytes Tx : 23,901,065
Unicast Rx : 32,405 Unicast Tx : 38,124
Bcast/Mcast Rx : 762 Bcast/Mcast Tx : 28,347
Errors (Since boot or last clear) :
FCS Rx : 0 Drops Rx : 0
Alignment Rx : 0 Collisions Tx : 0
Runts Rx : 0 Late Colln Tx : 0
Giants Rx : 0 Excessive Colln : 0
Total Rx Errors : 1 Deferred Tx : 0
Rates (5 minute weighted average) :
Total Rx (bps) : 16888 Total Tx (bps) : 16928
Unicast Rx (Pkts/sec) : 1 Unicast Tx (Pkts/sec) : 1
B/Mcast Rx (Pkts/sec) : 0 B/Mcast Tx (Pkts/sec) : 1
Utilization Rx : 00.01 % Utilization Tx : 00.01 %

Version: N.11.25

Am I missing something?
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Re: ProCurve 2810


This is the fault finder feature which find this statement.
It is not a good reply but try to change your fault finder configuration to be less sensitive or disable it for this particular "finder".

The configuration should be :
fault-finder bad-cable sensitivity low action warn

According to event log reference guide :
An excessive number of cyclic redundancy check (CRC) or alignment errors were reported on the specified port. Refer to the
help information for more details.

If the problem is always present :
- reboot the unit
- move the device with the same wire to another to check if the problem follow the end-device.
- connect another end-node to this port to check if this is a harware issue
If none of these works open a case with the show tech or show tech all information.