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ProCurve 4000M SNMP issues

Jason Staudenmayer
Occasional Contributor

ProCurve 4000M SNMP issues

I've know about this problem for a long time but now that we are using snmp to monitor these switches it's getting old really fast. Each switch I have (All procurves 3 4000M, and a few 2424) is inconsistent when replying to pings and snmp queries. If I ping or scan a switch with snmpwalk it will stop responding (just the manager not the switching engine) and seem like it's dropped off the net. I've tried to space the ping check at 5 minutes but I'm still getting down alerts from our monitors. I have also seen issues with the web interface either locking up the manager for 20 -40 minutes or just crashing in the browser. Right now I'm on firmware 9.28 and I'm getting ready to update to 9.30. Does anybody know of this issue or do I just a have really bad luck with them.