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ProCurve 4108gl multiple vlans.

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ProCurve 4108gl multiple vlans.

The divices are not working in multiple vlans.

I have the following config:

HP Crocurve 4108gl
HP NetServer lp1000r ??? 2 x NetServer 10/100TX PCI Lan adapters (82559 ??? 802.1q compatible as stated in the manual), Operating system ??? Windows 2000.
Cisco 1760

I have created the following config for the switch:

Port 1 ??? lp1000r Lan1 (
Port 2 ??? lp1000r Lan2 (
Port 3 ??? Cisco 1760 Lan 0/1 (
Vlan 1 ??? port 1 ??? untagged
Vlan 2 ??? port 2 ??? untagged
Vlan 3 ??? port 3 ??? untagged
Vlan 3 ??? port 2 ??? tagged
Also there is ProSet II installed on the Win2K server and the 802.1q support turned on for LAN adapeters

when i try to ping from the server - there is no reply. The same thing with Cisco - ping

Should there be a setting in the Win2K that indicates the Van ID to the interface?

Please, help me!
Ron Kinner
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Re: ProCurve 4108gl multiple vlans.

I think you have to install the official HP drivers for the LAN adapters in order to get the vlan choices.

See Page 13:


Then you can use HPSET to configure the VLAN assignments as per Page 35 in the above.

Can't say I've ever done this on a PC. Much easier to do on the router. If you can't get it to work then get back to me and I will tell you how to configure your router to switch between the VLANs. I will need to know the IOS version you are running.

One note: when you have multiple VLANs on a port that is considered a trunk and normally on a trunk only VLAN 1 is untagged. That's the way it works in Cisco stuff anyway. If you try trunking to the Cisco you will need to make sure it is set to use 802.1q since a Cisco by default prefers to use ISL.

Another thing: The server on port 1 has no one to talk to. There is no other device in the same subnet and no other device in the same VLAN anyway so it's not clear how that is supposed to work. Either the router or possibly the other netserver could be given a secondary address in the same subnet but you would still have to tell the switch to let them talk.