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ProCurve + HP GbE2c + vSphere 4

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ProCurve + HP GbE2c + vSphere 4

For the environment:
ProCurve + HP GbE2c + vSphere 4

I need VM's from different networks on the same vSwitch to access my production network. I assume I tag the vlans on 5406zl and the GbE2c and create the vm port groups (vlans) within the vswitch and assign vm's to the port groups... doesnt work!

I have everything working without vlans configured on the GbE2c's and vm environment - with vlans configured and tagged on the procurves, works great!

I believe the problem is with the GbE2c re: the vlan tagging. I proper downlinks (to vm env.) + xconnnects (17,18) and uplinks (trks procurve) in the equation, but re: of having the pvid and vlan tagging on and configured, traffic still does not pass.

Please advise!
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Re: ProCurve + HP GbE2c + vSphere 4

Ports on the Gbe2c switch must be tagged and then added to the VLANs you need:

cfg/port x/tag e
cfg/l2/vlan x/add 1

Same must be done for xconnect (trk1) if used and the uplinks. On the Procurve switch, port or trunks connecting to the gbe2c must added as tagged member of each VLAN.

vlan x
tagged 1

On the ESX host, you need to assign the same VLANs, that should work fine.
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Re: ProCurve + HP GbE2c + vSphere 4

I'm interested to know if this actually works now and if so what your configuration looks like on the VM and switch sides.