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ProCurve Switch VLAN Issue

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ProCurve Switch VLAN Issue

Good day,

I am running into heavy problems with the ProCurve Switches. The situation is as following:

We have an HP ProCurve Switch which has 4 Vlan's set. These work fine! Now I want to connect another Switch (HP Pro Curve 2610-24) with our main Switch and want to "expand a vlan" on the main switch to our 2610 Switch.

I configured the vlan exact as the vlan on our main switch. Set Port 1 to tagged and Port 21,22,23,24 to untagged meaning the vlan should span across these ports.

Problem is, I just dont seem to get any connection. When I connect a device and configure it with manual IP (which I have to, because the vlan does require a manual ip), i just don't get any connection. Seems like this config doesn't really work out.

Please have a look at the attachment, if there are any problems or unclear situations.
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Re: ProCurve Switch VLAN Issue


You need to "tagged" your port number 1 for all the vlan.
Then you will be able to use it for end-nodes through front-panel port using untagged command.