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ProCurve compatibility (HP 2510 through 2810)

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Steven Iltis
Occasional Visitor

ProCurve compatibility (HP 2510 through 2810)

Hi I'm new to Procurve switches but have used some Cisco lines in the past.
Will the following Procurve switches all interoperate with the same VLAN tags? We have models

Thanks. Also, is there a good reference for VLAN commands on these Procurve switches?
Natasha Samoylenko
Trusted Contributor

Re: ProCurve compatibility (HP 2510 through 2810)

Yes, all this switches will interoperate.
They and all others HP switches use 802.1q standard. So they can also interoperate with other vendors switches. For example, with Cisco.

For command reference you can use manual Advanced Traffic Management Guide (Static Virtual LANs (VLANs) chapter) for any model. They all use the same commands.


Also you need to know differences between terminology Cisco and HP:
access port --- untagged port
trunk port --- tagged port

In Cisco switches you configure VLANs in interface configuration mode: it's membership in VLANs, mode (trunk or access).
In HP switches you configure VLAN in VLAN configuration mode: which ports belong to this VLAN and in which mode (tagged or untagged).

To add port 8 as untagged in VLAN 10 (port 8 will be access port):
sw(config)# vlan 10
sw(vlan-10)# untagged 8
sw(config)# vlan 10 untagged 8
Steven Iltis
Occasional Visitor

Re: ProCurve compatibility (HP 2510 through 2810)

Natasha - Thanks, this helps a lot!