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ProCurve configuration restoration

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ProCurve configuration restoration

Hi all,

How do I restore my ProCurve's configuration from a configuration exported via TFTP.

I export my configs to my TFTP server each time I make changes. But what if my switch looses its configuration and I have no time to setup a TFTP server is there a way to restore the configuration from the config file or do I have to manually configure everything all over again.


Jeff Carrell
Honored Contributor

Re: ProCurve configuration restoration

hmmm...a few bits of info for you.

Depending on which switch platform you have, it can store up to 3 different (or same) config files.

If you do a 'show config files' you would see something like this:

ProCurve_3524G# show config files

Configuration files:

id | act pri sec | name
1 | | config1
2 | * * | ProCurve_3524G.cfg
3 | * | 8021X_ProCurve_3524G

config1 is the default config file and when you do a 'write mem' it always updates that config file.

in order to save another config, you could do:
1) 'wr mem'
2) copy config config1 config config2

you can also tftp to one of the other config file locations.

If you have a ProVisionASIC switch (3500/6200/6600/5400/8200) they also have a USB port, you can copy a config from the flash drive in the USB port into the 1st config file location (replacing config1). [you'd copy the file from the tftp server to the flash drive first]

You could also Xmodem a config file thru the console port.