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ProCurve switches not saving all settings in flash?

Mats P
Occasional Contributor

ProCurve switches not saving all settings in flash?


I have previously asked about how to disable link SNMP up/down traps in the thread below:


All that is working fine, but we had a power-fail a while ago, and the settings i did in the above post was not saved. I have tried to configure the switch again to not send traps for link up/down, and then do a "write memory", but still when i do a "reload" or a cold reset that configuration is gone.

All other settings like IP/Gateway is preserved it's just the SNMP settings that disables the link up/down traps that's gone.

This is on a ProCurve 2650 with firmware H.07.50, but it's also true on ProCurve 2524 with firmware F.05.17

Is this fixable with a firmware upgrade, or is those settings just not saved?

Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: ProCurve switches not saving all settings in flash?

I believe it is meant to save your SNMP sets, so definitely try updating to the latest firmware first to see if that helps, if not I would recommend you contact HP support for further assistance.