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Problem With McData Fibre Switch Ports...

Seán Foley
New Member

Problem With McData Fibre Switch Ports...

I'm working with an old 12-port McData 4300 fibre switch that was purchased by my predecessor back in early 2005. As you may know, McData have been bought out by Brocade and so there's not a huge amount of "official" support for this switches online.

There are currently 8 ports free on the box. After 2 days of troubleshooting with some very-difficult-to-find-in-the-first-place Gbics, I discovered that when the order was made, only 4 ports were purchased (using McData's fantabulous "FlexPort Technology!" marketing gimmick).

I've contacted my supplier about getting the extra 8 ports enabled, but I've been told I need a "License Authorization Number" (supplied with initial purchase) so as they can provide me with the correct code to enable the remaining ports. Of course, said number is nowhere to be found and the ORIGINAL suppliers of the switch have changed staff numerous times since the purchase.

Does anyone have any suggestions at all on how to progress with this? I've the original suppliers checking for documentation (although since I'm not a customer of theirs, they're unlikely to hurry things along, understandably), my current suppliers seeing what they can do with the serial number and numerous mails in with Brocade Sales & Support (although they don't seem interested on helping me unless I open a support contract).

I've trawled the Intertron left, right & center for info, in the vane hope I could get this authorization number off the unit itself, but to no avail.

Help, please?