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Problem updating firmware 2626 switch

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Problem updating firmware 2626 switch

I have a problem updating the firmware form mijn 2626 switch

i have firmware 08.02
i want firmware 08.72

i have a brand new switch (form stock) with a clear configuration.
i setup a vlan with one port untagged in that vlan. i give the vlan the ip address
i setup a computer with a ip address on his lan
when i ping my switch from my computer its succesfull.
when i ping my computer from my switch its unsuccesfull.
so when i want to connect to my tftp server from my switch it isnt working. anyone an idea ?

here is the config of my switch

hostname "HP ProCurve Switch 2626"
ip default-gateway
snmp-server community "public" Unrestricted
vlan 1
untagged 1,3-26
no ip address
no untagged 2
vlan 2
name "VLAN2"
untagged 2
ip address
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Re: Problem updating firmware 2626 switch

It could be a firewall problem..
Try to disable your personal firewall
cenk sasmaztin
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Re: Problem updating firmware 2626 switch

yess disable your computer firewall
and vlan 1 default vlan and managemet vlan
you want management operation assign vlan 1 ip address and you make on vlan 1 software update

or you write in vlan 2 management-vlan command

good luck..

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Re: Problem updating firmware 2626 switch

I would agree that it looks like a firewall issue on your PC. Try turning off your windows firewall temporarily (or whatever firewall you have) or if you can't, try adding a port or program exception for your tftp program

I use Pumpkin as a tftp server (its lightweight and easy to use). Windows firewall kept on blocking it so I added pumpkin as an allowed program and I was able to flash 3 2900 switches fine.

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Re: Problem updating firmware 2626 switch

try changing the default gateway on the switch to point to the IP Address of you PC "IP Default-Gateway" and do the same one the PC (Use the ip of the switch as its default gateway) if you have not done so yet...