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Problem with IP Phones tagged vlan

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Problem with IP Phones tagged vlan

For the first time, I am using HP Procurve Switch 2524 J4813A. I am trying to configure it to support two Vlans Voice and Data (what I am using with Cisco Switches).
I defined the first port as trunk port (tag all the vlans) and the rest of the ports to support vlan 30 (Voice--> Tagged) and Vlan 31 (Data--> Untagged) the PC and the IP Phone are connected on the same switch port.

The problem is:
The PC can connect to the Lan but the IP phone is not connecte (Configuring Vlan--> Configuring IP Address --> Configuring Vlan ...)

When I was playing with tagged and untagged -One time I get IP address from IP Phone DHCP Range for the two (PC and IP Phone).

What can be the problem ??

Thanks in advance.
Mohieddin Kharnoub
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Re: Problem with IP Phones tagged vlan


What kind of IP Phones you have, its really an IP Phone misconfiguration.

The ideal solution is as you mentioned, Data untagged and Voice tagged.

Also enable IP Helper address if needed to give the IP Phones an IP if you don't have a Static IP addressing for the phones, and there in the DHCP scope, you have to define some few parameters for that Vendor of the IP Phone like Avaya Ones.

What i suggest you is to start with Static IP for the Phones and test its functionality then you move to the DHCP configuration for the Phones.

Good Luck !!!
Science for Everyone
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Re: Problem with IP Phones tagged vlan

on our avaya's we had to do an option in dhcp to tell the phone to reboot into the proper vlan...
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Re: Problem with IP Phones tagged vlan

We are using Cisco IP Phones and all that you suggested is ok (IP-helper, IP phone are configured) because it works with Cisco switches and what I am doing now is just adding an extra Switch (the other switches are full).

I think that it must work without change the configuration on the Core Switch.