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Problem with QoS on 5308xl

Christian Reiter
Frequent Advisor

Problem with QoS on 5308xl


I have a somewhat special configuration here on my ProCurve 5308xl.

I am Building a micro-ISP Network. We are using the 5308xl as our

We use ATi RG613 Fibre-to-the-Home CPEs which are connected to the
5308xl using PheeNet Copper-to-Fibre Converters.

These CPEs do have one WAN Port (Fibre) and three LAN Ports (Copper).
On the WAN Port we are shaping the Link to 1024kBits/Sec Downstream and
512 KBits/Sec Upstream.
The first LAN Port is used for normal Internet Access.
The second LAN Port is unused.
The third LAN Port is used to connect one or more IP-Phones.

The WAN Port uses two tagged VLANs (one for VoIP, one for Data) on the
CPE and on the ProCurve side of the link.

CPE LAN Port 1 is connected to the Data VLAN.
CPE LAN Port 3 is connected to the VoIP VLAN.

Data VLAN has set qos-priority 1 on both sides (CPE + Procurve), VoIP VLAN
is set to a priority of 7.

When i place a VoIP Call and do a upload at the same time VoIP works flawlessly,
but when i do a download and Place a VoIP Call i have extreme Jitter on VoIP.

Is there any way to make priorization on the ProCurve side of the link more

Is it possible that the ProCurve isn't priorizing the packets because it thinks
the link isn't saturated/congested (because it is shaped to ~ 1 MBit) and so it
just delivers the packets as usual?

What can i do that the ProCurve delivers Packets on the VoIP VLAN before any
Packets on the Data VLAN?

Or can i tell the ProCurve that the client doesn't have the full 100 MBit?