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Problem with configuring VRRP

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Problem with configuring VRRP

Hi All!

I am trying to configure VRRP between 3com 4800 and Hp 3800 switches.

I made configurations as described at manuals.

To check myself, i am making "shut" for vilan interface on 3 Com sw (who is master)

I can see that backup switch Hp, became a master but i have no ping to virtuall ip, locally from the HP switch.

I do have ping to phisical ip. 

Is it OK?


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Re: Problem with configuring VRRP

Show us the VRRP configs.


The Procurve manual describes VRRP as being 2 physical addresses, and one of the physicals (The master's) being the virtual as well.


It is more usual to use 2 physicals and a 3rd IP address to be the virtual. This is the way you should configure it.