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Problem with redudant management modules in 9308

Kenneth Mogensen
Occasional Visitor

Problem with redudant management modules in 9308

Hi !

I have a 9308 with two redudant management modules, the one module is running fine, but the other is not, it cannot boot - its say that there is a decompression failure error code 46.

In the web admin the management module stat is: Comming up.

I have triede to run a sync-standby boot command, but nothing happens, is a try a sync-standby code command, I get the a error that the standby module is not ready.

I have also triede to take the not healty management out of the switch, and put it in again, som that the active module, whould copy the firmware over on the standby modul, but with no result.

I have also triede to boot the module up in boot-monitor, and let the module boot on a tftp server, the download from the tftp server runs fine, but i get a "decompression failed with error code 46".

The healty modul is running boot code: 7.06.02 and firmware: 07.04.06h.

best regs

Kenneth Mogensen
Storstrøms County
Valued Contributor

Re: Problem with redudant management modules in 9308


Are you sure your healthy module is running a firmware 07.04.06h or 07.06.04h ?

I think you have update to the release 07.06.04 from a previous release.
There is a miss in the HP release notes from many months with redundant management :
It's needed to synchronize the boot code manually (#sync-standby boot), otherwise, the
secondary module cannot decompress the new firmware, and there is the same problem you have.

If nobody have a better way to solve your problem, Here is some steps to recover your
backup module, BUT with SOME minutes of network interruption.
- First do a #show ver, and check in the secondary flash if there is a firmware H2R07601b
or previous.
- If there is one, Remove the active management blade.
-> the stand-by module should boot on the firmware in the secondary flash, because it can't
decompress the primary firmware.
- Then follow the upgrade instructions in the release notes (update to intermediate release if
needed, update last boot code, ...).
- When you have boot code 7.06.02 and firmware 07.06.04h, you can insert the previous module.
It should become stanby module.
- Do a swithover if you want.

If there is older firmware in the secondary flash, you will need to use the ROM monitor.
Check in the HP manual if there is a section for firmware recovery (I don't remember).
If there is not, ask for it.

Good Luck,
Gonzo Granello
Valued Contributor

Re: Problem with redudant management modules in 9308


yes, the procedure was not spelled out in the release notes since it had NOT change from earlier revs. Indeed you need to sync the boot code manually at this point. If you want to try the TFTP method again you also need to up the bootcode first since that is what contains the decompression commands that have indeed changed. Bootcode 7.6.02 id the current one and should be on both modules. The easiest way is to boot some older rev code on the "broken" blade, then upgrade the bootcode and you would be good to go. From there you can than issue the sync stndby command or just let it sync on its own.

most time the day i have to mask my contempt for the a-holes in charge......
Kenneth Mogensen
Occasional Visitor

Re: Problem with redudant management modules in 9308

Hi Andreas

I Will try your metode, first thing next time i have the possiblity to bring down the switch.

But it will first been in about a month.

best regs

Kenneth Mogensen