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Problems with Compaq Netelligent 2824

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Problems with Compaq Netelligent 2824


I have two problems with switch Compaq Netelligent 2824. My switch has broken SNMP and password is unknown :(

1. How upload firmware by console (VT100) with broken SNMP?
2. How clean, remove, delete unknow password?
Please help

I apologize for my english.

Thanks Marioo
Matt Hobbs
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Re: Problems with Compaq Netelligent 2824

The manual states this:

If you enter an incorrect password, the following error message appears:

ERROR: Password incorrect, please re-enter

You can change the VT100 password by selecting the Change VT100 Password
option (F). See â Changing the VT100 Password.â

The default password for VT100 sessions is â public.â If you forget the
password, you can restore it to the default password by setting the
cpqnUnitReset MIB object in the Netelligent Unified MIB to reset-to-factoryvalues(

In your case if SNMP also isn't working then you might be out of luck and will probably need to call HP to see if they can help you out. This could be difficult since the Netellingent products were discontinued many years ago.

For the preboot the manual doesn't say much more about it apart from this:

"If Boot code is corrupted due to an unsuccessful download of the Boot
firmware, the Preboot firmware lets you download new Boot/Runtime code. In
such cases, you must repeat the download using the Preboot XMODEM
interface. You can access the Preboot operating mode through the serial COM
port of the unit. Then download new firmware using an XMODEM file transfer
with a null modem cable or using a remote modem connection via Telnet."

Maybe while the hub is booting it comes up with something saying 'press (xx) now to enter preboot'? Just a guess.