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Problems with routing switch.

Phaneesh Krishnamurthy
Occasional Contributor

Problems with routing switch.

We are facing intermittent problems with our routing switch, procurve 9304. There are 2 types of problems, from about 35 days.

1) Every now and then, the OSPF routing table on the switch gets purged. Many times, the switch builds the OSPF table by itself, causing users connected to the switch, to experience a small break of service (typically, under 1 minute.)

2) Less frequently, (like once in a couple of days or so) The routing table does not get refreshed by itself, and needs a manual reset, in order to continue working. (Powering off, and powering on the switch, would set it OK again.)

We have seen all the logs from the switch, and it does not show anything more than a few " SNMP Auth. failure, intruder IP.." . We have tried replacing the 9304 switch with another of the same model, and the problem persists. We have many other working 9304 switches at our site, and they are configured similarly, and are working without any problems. I have seen a veriety of Port and traffic statistics, and all of them seem to be OK (as compared to the other switches we have). Any help in this matter would be extremely useful.
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: Problems with routing switch.

Could be a problem with mismatched timers. The switches talk to each other periodically and if one switch doesn't hear from another within a certain time it assumes the other has died. Might not be the switch's timer which is set wrong but one of his neighbors. Could also be a flaky link which is dropping packets. Are you using anything fancy on the OSPF like authentification?

OSPF can also become unstable if a new link between two areas appears which does not go through the 0 area. This can happen when someone in one area creates a dial up (or other temporary connection) to a node in another area or if the network is setup by someone who does not understand the OSPF architecture.

Do you have the latest code on this switch and his neighbors?

Current software and boot code w/ redundant management:
Current software w/out redundant management:
Current boot code w/out redundant management:


Phaneesh Krishnamurthy
Occasional Contributor

Re: Problems with routing switch.

Thanks for your reply.
We tried 2 9304 boxes. So the timer problem on both is unlikely. In case of the problem with a neighbour, then there would have been other switches, working on the same network, which would have also faced a problem.
We are not using OSPF authentication and the sort.
We have only area 0 configured on all the OSPF capable devices.
Thanks again for your reply.